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Agreement for the Use of the Bahraini Laws Encyclopedia

1. The subscriber shall commit to reserve the intellectual property rights of this Site with its contents to Arab Lawyers Network Company Ltd. including but not inclusively the following:-
1.1 The rights of all the legal subjects from their various sources, arrangement, organization, printing, coordination, and correction thereof and presenting them in the manner they are exhibited.
1.2 The rights of the translation of such legal provisions from the Arabic source and rendering them to the form in which they are exhibited.
1.3 The Idea of diversification of the techniques of reviewing the Articles, their classification, their overlapping, tabulation and reviewing their amendments, and their relations; and such available on the Site for the service of the users of the site and all subscribers to facilitate reference collectively.

2. Subscription shall be restricted only to the completed parts of the Site excluding both incomplete parts and the advertisements.

3. Subscription shall be a personal right for the subscriber alone and authorizes him to view all the site documents and benefit from all its services, and permitted, upon the personal need of the subscriber, to print the document or copy it on electronic medium according to the following conditions:-
a- The owner of the site, by facilitating the process of printing and copying the documents, aims at achieving the most possible benefit for the subscriber and help propagation and circulation of laws. For this reason it is stipulated that such copying or printing shall commensurate with the personal need and the owner does not approve the exploitation of this right for any commercial purpose or otherwise.
b- The subscriber shall make reference to the source of the document whenever he presents it to the others or encloses it within his documents.
c- Subscribing to the site, the subscriber is subject to the penalty of maintaining the honesty and direct responsibility for all violations or infringements of the rights of the owner, whatever they may be, including printing and copying more than the rate agreed by the management of the site according to what it sees within the scope of the policy of fair use and the exploitation of any document of the site commercially and in any way. (The maximum print operations do not exceed 300 pages per year for a package of $2,000 per encyclopedia, with the web page on which fair use policy rates are calculated containing 200 words per page (A4) regardless of the number of pages through which legal content is reviewed through it.
d- The owner of the Site shall never approve, by no means, the subscription of more than one party by the same password or viewing the encyclopedia on a systems network without obtaining the approval of the Site management.

4. The subscriber shall be bound to protect his user name and password and change it in case of proliferation ((spread)) to the others in whatever way.

5. The right to access for the corporate authorities shall be restricted only to the manager or the head of the group, and the owner of the Site shall not permit the distribution of the password to the employees or the subordinates of such authorities, and in case of need for more than one subscription for one authority it is possible to agree with the Site management on such and conclude an agreement in this respect.

6. The word "copy" is intended to mean all the paper or electronic copying means whether on paper or on computer media, which is permitted for the subscribers within the limits of (Ordinary personal Use.).

7. The user (subscriber) shall, in all cases of the legal use (ordinary use), make reference to the Site as a source in cases of copying or printing thereof for the personal purpose and within the limits of the ordinary use.

General Provisions

1. The management of the Site may have the right to suspend or cancel the subscription whenever there is evidence according to its own discretion that the subscriber violates the terms of this contract reserving all its other rights against him.

2. In case of "extraordinary" Site exploitation, such as (excessive copying, printing or transferring that exceeds the average use of other subscribers).The subscriber shall admit his violation of the provisions of this contract and confirm his agreement to the Site reports and their technical conclusiveness for himself and for others. and the Site shall, besides any other rights stipulated in this contract or prescribed by effective laws and regulations, have the right to promptly suspend the subscription and the subscriber shall not have the right to claim reimbursement of his paid money. The Site shall have the right in any other compensations which it deems proper for damages inflicted whether direct or indirect.

3. The management of the Site shall have the right to change or amend any item of the site which it deems achieving its benefit and goals or to public interest, and it also shall have the right to change the conditions of the employment and amend the price provided that such amendments shall not apply to the subscriptions in existence at the time of amendment.

4. The subscriber understands that the various insertion of this numerous size of the legal Articles and provisions is a human effort subject to error and forgetfulness, which befalls the human beings. He also understands (perceives) the nature of the Web Site and it may be subject to matters out of the managements control and which may adversely affect, change, cancel, or delete parts or replaces texts...etc. Therefore, the owner and his subordinates shall not provide any guarantees that the rendered services shall continue without interruption since such is due to causes beyond the control of the management. The Site may compensate the subscriber by granting him similar period in case such is technically proved, despite the management being excreting every effort to check and examine all the legal provisions included in the Site. However, the subscriber shall affirm that he relieve the owner and all the members of the management from claiming any compensation or any responsibility. Whether such claim is lodged directly by him or resulted from the claims being brought against him or for lawyers fees or whether such is for direct or indirect damages, material or moral due to any error in the Site.

5. Both the subscriber and the administration of the Site agree to refer any dispute arising between them to the arbitration according to the legal rules organizing such in the United Arab Emirates provided that the provisions of this agreement shall be the basis of judgment in the examination of such conflict.

6. I have viewed the terms of the subscription to the site and I accept and undertake to apply the provisions thereof accepting the method and approach adopted by the Site management in interpreting such provisions and any consequences thereof and sub-obligations resulting from such.

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