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Kuwait Times, Sunday, May 01, 2022 | Ramadan 30, 1443

No acute hepatitis cases in Kuwait: MoH


The Kuwaiti Ministry of Health has affirmed that its tasked teams have continued monitoring the local and international health conditions, indicating that there should be no confusion of covid cases with other illnesses, namely acute hepatitis that has not been recorded to Kuwait.

The MoH said in a press statement that the acute viral hepatitis that infects children, is diagnosed with abdomen pain, jaundice, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, fatigue, pain in muscles and other organs. The first case was recorded in Scotland in the end of March 2022. Up to 170 of the cases had been reported in 12 states across the world, namely in the United Kingdom, North Ireland, Spain, Denmark, Romania, Holland, the US, Belgium, Italy and France.

All these cases were of children aged between a month and 16 years, the MoH said, noting that tracing origins of this epidemic was still underway. There is some preliminary linkage between some hepatitis cases to covid cases and the virus, Adenovirus.

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