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Kuwait Times, Thursday, Jun 09, 2022 | Zul Qaadah 9, 1443

Kuwait’s Health Ministry, WHO maintain cooperation

Kuwait: The World Health Organization (WHO) Representative in Kuwait, Dr Assad Hafeez on Wednesday praised relations between Kuwait Health Ministry and WHO, since establishment of WHO office in Kuwait. He pointed out that since the WHO office opened last year in Kuwait a number of activities have been implemented such as current workshop entitled “Leadership development skills for Kuwaiti medical profession” and last year’s hefty prestigious workshop on public health development, with leadership with ministry of health.

The cooperation between the two was shared for years with the aim to strengthen the collaboration and structure in health sector, Dr Hafeez added. Dr Hafeez praised the efforts made by the ministry in implementing the disease classification system in outpatient clinics, as first country to pilot ICD program with WHO.WHO is also in cooperation with Yarmouk Health City, jointly with Kuwait ministry are working together to represent Kuwait to many international forums.

Meanwhile, Director of International Health Relations Department Dr Rehab Al-Watian said in a similar statement that the workshop aims enhance leadership medical field, adding the recent COVID-19 epidemic stressed the importance of adapting the leadership to the needs of the health system. She pointed out that everyone should be pioneers, whether they are in hospital wards, clinics or the ministry, while doctors with leadership skills have provided a lot to their communities in the form of pioneering public health campaigns and leadership of working teams.

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